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Racq backs police call for motorists to slow down for safety

Racq backs police call for motorists to slow down for safety

Marlie Chabot, 29, a former employee of the police department, testified that officers at times were instructed to “drive a little too fast,” she said.

“And even though they said you shouldn’t drive faster, it gets you killed,” Chabot told Judge Ramez Al-Khatib. “It makes you unsafe. And it makes them more angry and less professional at the same time.”

On the side of the roadway, her mother Marya Al-Khatib said the officers would not let children play and would not offer to drive the family to get them food.

Khatib said he was surprised that the officer involved was not involved in the killings.

“Why would you not go up on a mountain, look over a ridge, listen to the music, and when we see a white van get shot down and killed,” he said. “I’m tired of being afraid, I’m tired of being nervous.”

Khatib, who said he was born and raised in the United States, said he has never been to Syria and was concerned because many of the civilians he knows do not speak Arabic.

The day of the shootings, Al-Khatib said officers were천안안마 in a traffic stop on Highway 1 and approached a man who was black. The man started getting out of his car and, he said, pulled a gun and told the officers to take off. Al-Khatib said officers had a few moments in which to think if they needed to shoot.

The officer who fired his gun was not identified, but is said to have be호 게임en Caucasian, with at least one shot to his hip. The suspect was white.

Al-Khatib said the driver of the black car, his mother Marya, who was with him, and his sister, Mina Al-Khatib, a 23-year-old, did not want to go to trial. They have also asked the judge to order an independent review by an outside law firm, which is examining the use of force by police against people of color at the scene.

Defense attorney Daniel O’Rourke said it has been a “devastating” experience for Al-Khatib 전주안마and his family.

The shooting is “a loss for the community,” he said.

Al-Khatib said he cannot understand the officer’s decision not to fire his gun.

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