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Nationals have surrendered in failed merger beazley

Nationals have surrendered in failed merger beazley

The Nationals are being blamed after their bid to buy the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) failed when Fairfax Media reported t실시간카지노hat Fairfax Media president and chief executive James Packer’s firm had approached investors in the takeover group asking them to help the Nationals obtain control of the broadcaster.

The move came after Fairfax Media reported that an official at Packer’s firm, AUS Communications Group, had approached Fairfax Media’s owner Fairfax Media Media. Fairfax Media reported last month that AUS Communications Group was working on a bid to buy the ABC.

NATS spokesman Michael van Nettwerff said in an email to Fairfax Media that Fairfax Media’s involvement in the deal, which was announced at the end of 2013, “was done at a very confidential time”.

“The matter is confidential to NATS,” he said.

NATS also pointed to an unnamed source quoted by Fairfax Media who “definitely would not be surprised if that was the case” in the ABC takeover, though NATS wouldn’t confirm what that would be.

In the email, Nats said he was not authorized to identify the source, but that “the matter is closed”.

NATS did not respond to a request for comment from Fairfax Media.

A spokeswoman for Fairfax Media’s Australian division, which owns the Natskin and the National newspaper brands, said: “Fairfax Media’s bid for the ABC was always in the best interests of the ABC.

“The deal was fully vetted by Fairfax Media’s board and it is our policy not to comment on confidential negotiations.”

Fairfax Media had earlier denied its invo구리안마lvement with AUS Communications, saying in a statement released yesterday that a source at the company and that the matter was “very confidential”.

The spokesperson said the media company “in no way” helped the Nats to make an “overwhelmingly favourable offer”.

NATS is owned by investment-based billionaire Tony Shepherd’s The Fairfax Group and has a long history of bei안산안마 안산출장마사지ng “not afraid” to stand up for Australian papers in the face of negative public opinion, according to former managing editor David Tuckett.

NATS editor Tom Tait said NATS did have two main goals in the merger with Fairfax Media.

“We are looking to get out of Australia and establish a country-wide media presence,” he said. “That will allow us to build a truly global business in New Zealand, the rest of the world and beyond.”

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