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Pakistan taliban splits up into different factions

Pakistan taliban splits up into different factions

The Taliban-affiliate Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has declared war on the army and claimed that it will attack the army’s strongholds in Pakistan, a major development in the war since early 2016.

In early August, the Afghan government accused the Pakistani army of killing or kidnapping several soldiers, including the former intelligence chief of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) intelligence agency.

The ISI claimed on its website that at least 100 foreign troops in eastern and southern Afghanistan were killed during counterinsurgency operations carried out by Afghan commandos. The Pakistan government has yet to announce any details, but has claimed it killed a senior ISI official in a road block.

“The army’s (ISI) forces are still fighting. I as예스카지노sure you, if they (forces) had not killed the Pakistan army chief, their commanders would have executed them,” Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Hakimullah Mehsud was quoted as saying by the official media.

The Pakistani army has vow더킹카지노ed to continue its counterinsurgency operations in eastern and southern Afghanistan, saying it has “exhausted its resources in the offensive against the Taliban, and is 카지노 사이트using all available capabilities to ensure that the militants cannot carry out any more illegal operations without stopping them”.

Pakistan claims the Taliban and other armed groups are responsible for killing more than half a million Pakistanis over the past two decades and are seeking to impose Shariah law in Pakistan.

While the Taliban claims it seeks to revive the ancient Khilafa religion, many Afghans have a different view of the group that has killed millions of people in Afghanistan in recent decades.

“The Taliban are not a religion,” said one Afghan who fled to Pakistan after being warned by local authorities. “They are a criminal organization that killed many innocents. We cannot let them stay away in Afghanistan.”

But Pakistan says that it has killed the Taliban leaders because the Haqqani network is a terrorist organisation based in Pakistan but has never engaged in violence against civilians. Pakistan says the Haqqani network and a number of other violent militant groups operate in eastern Afghanistan.

“The group is not a part of the Taliban,” a senior Pakistani official said in response to a question on whether the Pakistani military is targeting the Pakistani Taliban leaders in the country. “But if they do, then it means that the Pakistani army is targeting the Pakistani Taliban leadership. And that’s wrong and we have to stand firm agains