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Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations

Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations

SOUTHAMPTON – A magistrate will allow a Southampton man to walk away with $2 million after an alleged drunken altercation at an expensive hotel in October.

A hearing for Craig James McGowin, 48, of 1235 South St., went before Judge Michael Wirtjens on Sunday.

McGowin’s lawyer, Tony Gurney, had argued McGowin’s bail conditions would preclude him from walking out of the courtroom, and it would not do him any good to take the stand against a woman who did.

During a break in the proceedings, Wirtjens heard a statement from the woman claiming McGowin had attacked her and two other women in October 2015.

She claimed to be 17 at the time, but authorities say she was 14.

The statement alleges that McGowin, a former New B더킹카지노edford resident and current president of the South St. Association for the Blind, forced her to have sex and punched her to the stomach when they were forced out of the Westin Hyatt in New Bedford around 9 a.m. Oct. 16.

Police and court documents show McGowin was arrested at a hotel in Worcester, Mass. on Dec. 6. He was released on $2 million bail that same day and later had his $100,000 New Bedford property seized.

The woman says her client, McGowin, then went to a South St. motel in Worcester and picked a fight with another man who she knew.

The pair allegedly had sex and the incident became physically violent, the woman said.

During the attack, she said she was punched in the face, which gave her a black eye.

That’s the only physical injury to McGowin, according to the statement from the woman.

That night, she says, McGowin left in a car, and told her to stay away from him.

“That’s when I got into a verbal바카라사이트 altercation with Mr. McGowin over m우리카지노y sister’s whereabouts,” she said.

She says she was also at the Northside hotel at the time but was not present when the alleged fight took place.

That’s when she and another man got into the car and followed McGowin, she alleged.

According to McGowin, the other man said she was with McGowin and that she was going to tell him where his sister was, but that the woman wasn’t wearing