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First sighting of rare baby wombat in Australia

First sighting of rare baby wombat in Australia


Australia’s only baby wombat has been seen in its natural habitat in Tasmania’s North West, but says it cannot rule out the possibility it is related to a different species.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania said they were amazed to see a baby wombat in the region at about 1.30am on Tuesday, where it had been spotted since last October.

There’s no evidence so far that it is related to a separate species, the researchers said in a statement, but believe their own investigati바카라on was the best chance of identifying it.

The group of scientists led by Professor Stuart Maclaren discovered the juvenile wombat at a site near the town of Shandon in the North West, about 25 kilometres from the 더킹카지노town of Darwin.

Dr Stephen Dutton, a professor of entomology and molecular zoology at the university, said the baby wombat had only been seen from the same angle that the scientists saw it on the day it was first spotted.

He said the creature appeared normal.

“They’ve only been seen from one angle,” Dr Dutton said.

“If you were walking up, up at 100 miles an hour and saw this creature, you wouldn’t think it would have that many branches between its head and shoulders or that many feathers, like our little bobcat or the bobcat seen on your TV screen.

“It’s pretty small for its size.

“It’s a little more than 20 centimetres long and there’s very little hair on its shoulders.”

He said they had been unable to get a clear picture바카라 of what it might be up to in its native environment due to poor weather conditions.

“So from our preliminary view at the moment, from a geographical perspective, it could still be a kind of hybrid species of some unknown species that we don’t really know,” Dr Dutton said.

“We would suggest that this is, in that respect, as alien as it gets.”

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