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Cabinet briefed on keelty fire report released

Cabinet briefed on keelty fire report released

Inspectors for the state environmental department yesterday said that the fire was “already considered one of the most severe” they had seen in decades. They described it as an “unprecedented blaze,” and said it was so far unlikely it would be contained to its size.

As a result, officials have declared a state of e바카라사이트mergency and declared the fire “unusual.” A fire inspector from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, who asked not to be identified, said there w우리카지노ere no indications to indicate a deliberate design on the vessel.

The State Police, jarvees.comwho arrived at the scene after midnight, said that they believed the vessel was intentionally burned. But investigators said they did not find a single note about a possible plan or cause of the blaze. There was no evidence the vessel was rigged.

“This was one of the most unusual events I’ve ever seen in New Jersey,” Inspector Robert P. Goss said. “It was completely out of the ordinary.”

Parsons’ lawyers, David G. Rifkin and James A. Johnson, said in a statement that the family was trying to get a better look at the interior of the steamship when they learned of the danger.

“We think their right to know what occurred is so important that it might mean that the law itself is being violated,” their statement said. “That’s what we’re calling for. If the State Police and the public need a look at the interior, we’re happy to be there. The fact that a fire in a cargo vessel is a felony, and we don’t know how that one is going to be handled, we find it outrageous. This is a state of emergency.”

Mr. Rifkin and Mr. Johnson said the family had requested that the State Police obtain the report of the State Fire Marshal’s investigation, and that they would continue to seek evidence from the National Transportation Safety Board, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s inspector general’s office.


The family was among those who were evacuated from the scene on Monday by helicopter and provided water. They are still waiting for an aircraft to land.

The State Police initially said Mr. Parsons and one of his brother, Thomas, died in the blaze. But a spokesman for the fire, Lieutenant William J. Wiles, later said the death of the other four crew members was confirmed.

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