Июнь 20

Sydney kashima match postponed until next Sunday

Sydney kashima match postponed until next Sunday

Sydney police spokesman Andrew Stewart said police had received four phone calls on Saturday night from women who wished to speak anonymously about their own experiences of violence.

“We have received a total of four phone calls aboutjarvees.com the police response in relation to the Sydney Kashima tournament,” he said.

“These women have been particularly concerned about the lack of officers from their police force who have been dispatched to help police in the ar우리카지노ea.

“We will not provide further details on the response.”

The Sydney police Federation released a statement following the incident.

“The Federation is supportive of these issues, and will continue to support the police to ensure they are pr더킹카지노oviding professional services to those who are impacted,” the statement said.

“Police Service NSW and Victoria police will review the matter to determine how best to work together to ensure that any issues with the police respond to the needs of those impacted.