Июнь 20

33yo accused of threatening service station staff with firearm

33yo accused of threatening service station staff with firearm. A 23yo boy also in custody after officers found his f바카라irearm at his house, allegedly under a duvet.

Police said the two young men are believed to be part of a gang that targets female residents of the community and threatens to harm them if they do not comply with orders from their fellow gang members.

In the latest case, the 21yo, a student at Stellenbosch University who is suspected of stabbing a 15-year-old in the face, was also charged with breaching his bail conditions after being arrested by a community policing unit last week.

He was charged with grievous bodily harm and resisting police, after being shot in the leg in December while in custody on another charge.

In an arrest warrant posted on police social media websites, a young man in a blue T-shirt can be seen holding a blade to the boy’s head as police walk off the property at 7.50pm in front of police vehicles and other property. The blade, police said, belonged to a friend.

In all three cases the alleged offender refused to answer a police officer’s inquiries, the complaint said.

A 19yo boy arrested earlier in the same day, police said, threatened the same victim with a knife and said “you must not trust people”, referring to police investigations into the alleged gang violence. Police said in the complaint that he had previously threatened members of the samejarvees.com gang “with serious violence against his life if he does not turn himself in or return his weapon to them”.

On Thursday, the first 22 alleged gang members arrested were questioned after police received information they had taken part in attacks against people, the complaint said. One of the 22 was later charged with attempting to commit an act of extreme violence against two people, one of whom suffered injuries, on a motorway.

Gang member, whose name was suppressed for legal reasons, told police that he “gave orders to attack” the person he had been ordered to attack, the complaint said. “He was trying to murder her. He wanted to kill her by the neck or stab her with a sharp object.”

As part of the investigation, police identified a male suspect, aged 22, in relation to the incident, and questioned him about his links to the gang. He denied making those comments but was released on bail pending police investigation, the complaint said. Police said on Friday they were still reviewing whether he still has links to the gang and will decide on whether to make him an a바카라사이트rrest