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Do bloggers need to be relatable I seen people disagreeing left, right and centre and people putting their views out there only to be scrutinised. coque samsung Is there cercle rond grande boucle doreille pave melange colore zircon cubique pour les femmes couleur or really any right answer to this question Every blogger wants their posts faire un collier de perles zoulou to be liked and read and part of that usually means the reader engaging collier fantaisie strass pas cher and relating with the post, therefore enjoying it more. coque samsung But are we forgetting that people blogs are THEIR bamoer meteore douche etoile gland boucles doreilles pour les femmes veritable 925 en argent corner of the web and simply they can post about whatever the hell they want, whether it relatable to other people or collier fantaisie rouge not Not everyone is going to like and relate to everything so how can this possibly be maintained nouvelle mode pentagramme arbre de vie pendentif boucles doreilles simple pop argent coeur through every blog post I sure couldn make my posts relate to every single reader of my blog. coque iphone coque huawei In fact my dad reads my blog (Hi, dad) and if I was to possibly try to make every blog post relatable to him I have to include something or other about boats, which quite frankly I couldn give two hoots about (sorry, dad.). coque samsung I have seen plenty of collier de perles rose tweets (and I am not singling anyone out here, in fact I couldn even name any of the accounts that tweeted these things) saying that bloggers who write about higher end products just aren relatable. coque iphone goed hoesje Is this for real! What about all those people who use high comment nettoyer collier de perles end makeup, could they not relate to that post Obviously they could. iphone case Just because collier de perles image that particular blogger doesn write about the brands you usually buy from, collier de perles gs does not make them unrelatable, it just means that not everyone can fully relate collier de perles joaillier to what they are collier de perles au crochet writing about and you know what That is more than okay. coque samsung coque huawei Not every blogger and post is going to be your cup of tea but to make comments about them being unrelatable is just completely unfair from my point of view. coque samsung Look at the vast range of bloggers we have in this community. coque samsung Beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, bloggers who like tea, books, history, fashion. the list truly does go on. bracelet bijoux coque huawei I not a huge fan collier fantaisie panthere of tea and I boucle doreille en trois dimensions de pyramide de lanterne geometrique a la mode pour la partie can drink collier fantaisie plaqué or much due to migraines, gros collier fantaisie rose but I actually still enjoy reading content on blogs purely dedicated to tea. iphone 11 case It not relatable to me, granted but there are so many people out there collier fantaisie moderne that those posts will relate to therefore. making it relatable who have thought! Being different is something to embrace, not avoid Different people have different views and different people buy different things. bijoux pas cher Bloggers are relatable to their target group and if you don relate, don follow and go find someone who writes about the things you love, it really is that easy. What not okay is to put bloggers down making them feel unrelatable just because you don relate to their content. coque iphone I feel like I having a good old trusty rant here (which I allowed to bamoer bleu transparent cristal pierre planete boucles doreilles pour les femmes 925 en argent do, because this collier fantaisie violet is my corner collier de perles africain of the web!!!) but I just feel like these bloggers and blogs shouldn be targeted just because they write about a particular subject not everyone buys/can relate to.